Defnite – June Update

Hi everyone

I have been very busy this month implementing new content and systems as well as enhancing existing features. This update includes new features such as inventory and dialogues! I improved the handling of the first quest (intro), added the base functionality for an HP/EXP system and completely reworked the whole UI!

To top that, I have begun animating the some characters, the first one is already in the game (only standing at the same position though). Here is a preview: 

The full release notes: 



  • Added Inventory
  • Added many weapons and consumables


  • Improved intro quest


  • Completely reworked the UI of the main scene


  • Added shot impact effects for water surfaces

Update System

  • Changed a few texts
  • Updated to a newer, more stable version


  • Added a new character
  • Added animations to the new character (idle, idle leg shaking)


  • Added a rangefinder for aiming mode
  • Added compass navigation functionality
  • Added minimap functionality
  • Added radar functionality
  • Added saving the position of the player
  • Added the base functionality for a HP/EXP system
  • Added a different loading screen
  • Reduced the memory consumption for the game by 50%
  • Few performance improvements

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write below in the comments. Or join the discord server:

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